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TCIX is the epitome of a full service logistics company. Unlike other companies, TCIX can provide the physical equipment and assets needed to move your bulk liquids and chemicals anywhere in the world marketplace. We fully integrate all modes of transportation including: rail, truck, ocean vessel, ISO container, and barge, with transloading, storage, and distribution.

Railroad... we work with every major railroad, and numerous short lines, that serve various storage terminal and transloading facilities.

Truck... we have strong relationships with most major carriers and many independent operators ensuring timely and economical delivery of your product.

Ocean Vessel... we have solid experience in chartering parcel ships and can accommodate the most challenging lifting requirements.

ISO Containers... whether you need your product delivered to Muskogee, Oklahoma or Ghent, Belgium we can deliver on a "door-to-door" basis.

Barge... whether your product needs to move on the inland or coastal waterways of the USA or Europe, we can deliver.

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